What is the 3rd Nail?

It is easily confused how a 3rd nail can help and even frustrating to learn you need it after recently having a brand new roof installed.  Why didn’t the roofing company do it while they were at my house doing the roof?

We will explain some of these issues to help you now make an informed decision.

First, what is the difference between toenails, hurricane straps (wraps) and clips.

Toenailed= This means the trusses in the attic are attached to the walls of the home with nails driven in at angles called toenails. (No insurance credit for this type attachment)

Clips= This is the first type of roof wall attachment that receives a insurance credit. Most older homes will qualify for clips. Clips only connect on one side of the roof truss and require 3 nails.   Clips can be added in most houses that only have toenails.

Straps (single wraps)=  Single wraps will wrap over roof truss to the opposing side and require a minimum of 2 nails on front of the strap and one on the opposing side.

Typically a roofing company is not going to have all the roof decking (plywood) removed that would allow them to have access to all the locations that need to be retro-fitted with a third nail.  Typically the only way to access all the required areas is from inside the crawl space or through the soffit.  Not only will the addition of the 3rd Nail save you money on your insurance, it provides additional uplift protection during high wind events.





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