We made money on this deal!

At first inquiry, my insurance agent estimated that adding the third nail would save me between $650-$700 the first year, which was a no brainer.  I shopped around several of the companies out there that provide the third nail service and decided on U.S. Code Compliance. They provided us a worst case estimate and did not give us the bait and switch price that other companies often practice. They arrived on time as scheduled which is rare these days, and completed the work in a timely manner.  When they were finished they cleaned up after themselves and followed up with our home inspector before they left the job to inform him the retro-fit was complete. At this point I was very pleased with the service we received, however what happened next blew us away!  They told us the job wasn’t quite as tuff as they originally anticipated and knocked $50 bucks off the price.  The best part about it, when my husband and I actually received the hurricane clip credit from the insurance company the savings where $850 a year!

Eddie L.

Sarasota, FL